Painting Industrial Equipment and the Best Painting Tools to Use

Paint is beneficial for a number of aesthetic reasons, often employed on surfaces or items for the means of decoration, improving appearances, and generally creating various visual representations. When used for industrial equipment and machinery, painting can have numerous benefits that extend beyond aesthetics. With the regular application of paint for industrial systems, one can increase or improve appearance, rust and corrosion prevention, weather resistance, thermal protection, general service lives, and much more. In this blog, we will discuss the benefits of regularly painting industrial equipment and the best tools one may use to conduct such operations.

While there are many ways in which paints, spray paints, and primers may all improve performance, there are still reasons as to why maintaining appearance is important. As equipment begins to wear and lose its paint, such equipment can begin to look more unreliable, thus potentially harming the image of your organization. By maintaining paint jobs to keep up appearances, clients will often have more trust in your operations as they will see the dedication given to upholding all aspects of a facility. Furthermore, painting also allows for more customization in color, providing organizations the ability to give off an image or unified look through designs.

Paints can also serve as a protective shield for the surfaces of equipment, guarding them from rust and corrosion that can quickly damage materials. Depending on the paint and its provided qualities, paint may also be capable of protecting equipment from weather and elevated temperatures. With exterior paints and stains or interior paints and stains that provide UV blockers and weather resistance, equipment may be protected from sun fading, cracking, peeling, moisture damage, salt air corrosion, and more. There are also many paint coatings that are heat-resistant, allowing for thermal shock, corrosion, and other temperature related hazards to be mitigated.

The finish of machinery will often only last around two to three years, thus it can be useful to maintain set intervals and schedules to restore the paint of equipment in order to have their service lives extended as long as possible. If equipment is not well maintained, parts and surfaces can quickly begin to break down and eventually fail. As such, maintaining the health of all industrial machinery is paramount for optimal productivity and efficiency through the avoidance of unplanned downtime.

Lastly, repainting equipment can lead to numerous cost savings, most often coming in the form of extending service lives and increasing resale values. As discussed before, maintaining the paint coatings of equipment can protect them from detrimental hazards, thus decreasing the costs of maintaining and replacing equipment or parts. Additionally, a clean and fresh looking piece of equipment with a good paint job will sell much quicker and at a higher price as compared to an older looking piece. As such, there are numerous benefits to regularly conducting industrial painting.

When it comes time to begin the painting process for your industrial facility or organization, there are a number of common tools that are highly beneficial for such endeavors. Painting tape is one of the most essential elements for creating a professional looking paint job, allowing for a painter to create clean lines on the surfaces that they are working on. As tape can run out quickly, it is recommended to keep multiple rolls on hand to ensure that there is always enough to guard surfaces.

Rather than using standard tape rolls that must manually be cut and placed, one may also procure a film and tape dispenser, those of which are tools that make the application of tape much easier. Film and tape dispensers are hand-held tools that are lightweight, and they do not need any oiling or maintenance for their operation. With the ability to furnish a surface with tape through one continuous application, such tools can increase the speed of painting operations while providing a reliable guard for surfaces.

Brushes, rollers, and trays are all standard elements of the painting process, and there are often a plethora of choices that one may pick from when searching for such equipment. Brushes can come in many forms, common styles including foam brushes, flat sash paint brushes, chip paint brushes, wall paint brushes, and more. Generally, different brushes will vary on their size and brush material, allowing them to cater towards certain paint applications and paint types.

Paint rollers can assist in creating uniform strokes across long surfaces such as walls, and they also greatly vary in their types. Generally, different rollers will provide varying sized heads for determining the diameter of paint strokes, and their handles may also differ to allow painters to reach certain areas of a surface or better control their strokes. Lastly, there are also advanced forms of rollers that can be connected to a paint bucket, allowing for large areas to be coated without the constant need to dip into paint trays or refill reservoirs.

While brushes, rollers, and trays all serve well for paint bucket applications, there are some equipment and surface materials that may warrant the use of spray paints and primers. Spray paints are often oil-based, and they can provide a more durable finish as compared to latex paints. Furthermore, they can be much quicker to apply on a surface and are commonly used on wood, metal, plastic, resin, and wicker.

When using paint buckets or multiple colors, paint mixers, shakers, and accessories can be highly beneficial. When paint remains on a shelf for a long period of time, it may require mixing or shaking before use. With an electric drill that is fitted with a mixer paddle, the solids within the paint can be mixed together to ensure the best quality finishes when carrying out a job.

With the proper tools and maintenance practices, maintaining the appearance and performance of industrial machinery can be done with ease. At Internet of Industrials, we are your sourcing solution for automotive paints and coatings, paint and wallpaper tools, paint booths and accessories, and much more. As you explore our expansive part catalogs, you may request quotes for your comparisons at any time through the submission of an Instant RFQ form. Get started today and see how Internet of Industrials can help you secure everything you need with competitive pricing and rapid lead-times.


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