What to Consider When Choosing Tinnerman Nuts

Nuts may come in a wide variety of styles, many featuring the typical hexagonal-shaped body that such hardware is often known for. However, this is not always the case as more specialized types like Tinnerman nuts are set apart with their flat square or rectangular shape that clips onto a workpiece. Tinnerman nuts are a type of self-retaining fastener, finding use in situations where threaded nuts, lock washers, and spanner washers need to be replaced or when fastener loads need to be distributed. As there are numerous types of Tinnerman nuts that one may procure, we will discuss the most common factors that one should consider before making a purchasing decision.

 Across Tinnerman nut options, the most common feature that is shared is the presence of a clip-like element that serves as a nut and a lock washer at the same time. Despite this, options may still vary based on their exact design, with U-type, J-type, and flange-type Tinnerman nuts all being commonly found on the market. As small differences may be found between each, it is important that one considers which is most compatible for the application at hand.

 As Tinnerman nuts are used alongside screws to secure parts in an assembly, the size of the screw is an important factor to keep in mind. To determine compatibility, one should refer to the size of the threaded hole that is present on the nut. In order for the Tinnerman nut and screw to be correctly installed while avoiding the chance of loosening, the screw should not be larger or smaller than the threaded hole.

The clipping portion of the Tinnerman nut may also affect whether or not the fastener is compatible with an assembly. All Tinnerman nuts have a clip that allows them to be attached to a thin material, and the clip may vary in wideness or thickness. As the dimensions of the nut can quickly lead to various issues like things being too big to fit, one should see if there are any potential restrictions that may limit the choice between options. Length is also another consideration to be made when making an investment decision. Generally, length determines how much surface area the nut can cover.

For the final consideration, one should determine what minimum order requirements there may be when getting ready for procurement. Manufacturers generally mass produce products, meaning that they often have larger minimum order requirements than distributors to ensure profitability. As such, you can figure out your exact requirements before reaching out to potential sources so that you can ensure the best deal for your needs. Luckily for you, Internet of Industrials is unmatched in our ability to provide top-quality parts with competitive pricing and rapid lead times.

Internet of Industrials is a premier purchasing platform owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, and we present customers access to over 2 billion new, used, obsolete, and hard-to-find parts that have been sourced from thousands of leading manufacturers that we trust. If you find particular items in our catalog that are of interest to you, be sure to fill out and submit an RFQ form with as much detail as you can to request a quote for your comparisons. Within 15 minutes of reviewing your submission, a member of our staff will reach out to present a customized solution fit for you. Give us a call or email today so that you can see how we may serve as your strategic sourcing partner for all your operational needs. 


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