Aircraft Paint Hangars and Aircraft Paint Booth Inserts

As such, all exterior structures and aircraft components are painted on a regular basis, that of which ranges between every six to eight years as coats wear off. If one is interested in turning a hangar into a painting hangar for carrying out such processes, it is crucial that the right equipment, tools, and safety measures are accounted for for an ease of conducting paint jobs, as well as to increase safety. In this blog, we will discuss the options of converting or retrofitting a hangar and implementing an aircraft paint booth insert, ensuring you find the right solution for your needs.

For any hangar that is to be used for painting, two of the most important elements that are needed are proper lighting and filtration. Due to the nature of painting an aircraft, all electrical fixtures should be neatly installed and organized, ensuring that there are no exposed wires, faulty outlets, or other issues present that may prove hazardous. Much of this is due to the potential flammability of paint and painting materials, and operators should follow applicable Class and Division requirements for proper placement of lighting, outlets, flammable gasses, vapors, etc.

Filtration is also crucial, ensuring that any toxic fumes or buildups are properly removed before they have the chance to pose a hazard. With proper exhaust ducting, robust filters, and exhaust fans that meet EPA Method 319 regulations, a hanger can be safer to operate in during a paint job. Depending on one’s needs, two- and three-stage filtration systems can be sufficient, and they should regularly be inspected for aging parts that need to be replaced. Hexavalent chromium is one of the most dangerous contaminants that is present within aircraft paint, and its proper removal can ensure workers are safe from irritation, ulcerations, and other conditions.

If a paint hanger is closed, it will require an exhaust system. To promote high cleanliness, intake air should be filtered as necessary, and an air make-up unit is also advantageous. For increased protection against contaminates that source from outside of the hangar, intake filters and filtered product doors ae beneficial. With such products, one can prevent dirt and other debris from interfering with a paint job.

While converted pain hangars are one option, one may also utilize an aircraft paint booth insert to achieve a self-sufficient solution that offers connection points for utilities. These inserts are fairly easy to implement within a paint hanger, and they promote an increased ability to mitigate contamination stemming from external and process-related sources. Additionally, their reduced airflow and enhanced lighting can allow for higher quality paint jobs to be carried out with sufficient ease. As a result, the choice between an aircraft paint booth insert and paint hangar can depend on one’s needs, monetary ability, and other factors.

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