How To Rebuild Hydraulic Equipment and Its Benefits

Capable of optimally transferring force through compressed fluids, it is important that hydraulic equipment is well maintained to ensure the operability of the systems that they serve. When hydraulic equipment begins to face issues or outright fails, it is crucial that one rapidly acts to minimize downtime and the chance of other problems arising. Rather than purchasing brand new parts for replacement, it can be much more cost-effective to simply conduct repairs and rebuilds.

A rebuild can vary depending on the shop or expert that one speaks with, but it generally refers to the refurbishment of an equipment piece so that it is reconditioned for further use. While rebuilding can return hydraulic equipment to a state that matches OEM quality, the process can even allow for increases in performance or design that surpasses a new replacement part. Rebuilding should not be confused with a repair, as repairing is primarily centered around fixing equipment that has failed. Additionally, rebuilding also differs from the procural of used parts that are not reconditioned or refurbished.

In order to conduct a rebuild of hydraulic equipment, the assembly will need to be completely taken apart so that a professional can inspect each individual component. As they conduct inspections, they will check each part for wear, damage, or other issues that could detract from the service life of the item. Then, concerning parts are either replaced or reconditioned as necessary before the assembly is put back together again. After reassembly, the hydraulic system will be subjected to quality and performance testing to ensure that everything is functioning as intended without issue.

There are many reasons why someone may choose to conduct a rebuild or instead of purchasing new equipment, one of which is the cost savings that rebuilds can offer. Overall, rebuilds cost half the price to conduct as compared to purchasing new equipment, even when dealing with hydraulic motors and hydraulic pumps. Rebuilds can even be more cost-effective as compared to major repairs as well, due to the fact that repaired components will eventually require more attention when they fail again. As a result, rebuilds present lower costs as compared to new replacement parts and repairs in the long-run.

Beyond the advantage of price, rebuilds also ensure the end-result of high-quality hydraulic equipment. When one relies on an expert to conduct a rebuild, a rigorous process will be carried out in which seals, bearings, and other various parts are replaced, restored, and refurbished as necessary. As a result, hydraulic pumps and motors can be rebuilt to a point that meets or exceeds new condition parts. Furthemore, this quality can be attained at half the price of new parts.

The last major benefit of rebuilding hydraulic equipment comes in the form of shorter lead-times. Unlike purchasing new parts, a certified rebuild reduces the amount of items that may need to be sourced. The longer lead-times are, the longer hydraulic equipment will remain nonfunctional and unusable. As a result, hydraulic rebuilds can reduce production cost issues and downtime.

If you are operating hydraulic systems and notice signs of water leakage, do not hesitate to conduct inspections before an issue becomes a hazard. When you are conducting a rebuild or repair and require any parts to carry out your operations, take advantage of Internet of Industrials’ unparalleled services. As an AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015, and FAA AC 00-56B certified and accredited enterprise, we exceed industry standards in terms of quality to guarantee reliable parts for every purchase. We also utilize our market expertise and purchasing power to leverage time and cost savings for our customers’ benefit. If you are ready to experience the future of part procurement, call or email us at your earliest convenience and connect with a representative.


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