How to Properly Maintain an AC System?

Air conditioning (AC) systems are designed to amply cool a space, often being found within homes, commercial buildings, and more. Quite useful for deterring heat in areas where temperatures are high, it can be very beneficial to have a functional and efficient AC system for health and comfort. Like all machinery, AC systems can face wear and tear, eventually requiring the replacement or repair of various components. Without regular maintenance, an AC system may fully break down, leaving one with no way to properly cool a space. As this can be detrimental to safety for those exposed to high heat, it is important that such systems are routinely checked. In this blog, we will discuss the most common AC maintenance procedures that are carried out, allowing you to better understand how to protect your system.

Filter Replacement

The filters of an AC will often be a major issue if not regularly replaced, such components collecting contaminants over time until airflow is highly restricted. The dirtier a filter becomes, the harder the system will have to work to reach the same level of operation. As the filter’s main job is to ensure clean, breathable air for an indoor setting, dirty filters will hinder air quality. While a majority of filters require replacement every three months, it can be beneficial to refer to manufacturer specifications to ensure that you always have an optimal filter for health.

Evaporator and Coil Cleaning

The evaporator and condenser coil are two primary parts of a standard AC unit, the evaporator extracting heat and humidity while the condenser disperses them from the unit. Over time with typical operations, the evaporator and coil can face buildup consisting of dead bugs, dirt, grime, and other unwanted debris. Beyond affecting overall efficiency, such buildup also runs the risk of causing a system malfunction. As such, to prevent the system from overworking or failing, the coils should be cleaned regularly. With the possible risk of electrocution associated with such parts, one should leave cleaning to an experienced maintenance technician for safety.

General Cleanliness

While components such as the filters and coils are especially endangered when faced with contamination, the air conditioner unit itself can also face issues when a significant amount of dirt and dust collects. If a unit breaks down, one should check to see if there are various obstructions around the assembly such as plants and bugs, both of which can cause airflow to drop. While simple in practice, clearing the area around the AC unit can work wonders to prevent a variety of issues and ensure high efficiency. Additionally, having a clearing around the unit will also ensure that a technician has plenty of space to conduct maintenance and repairs.


A final common problem that one may come across is signs of leakage. While a small amount of dampness is considered to be normal, regular formation of water pools can signify that the unit may be malfunctioning. Leaking can be the result of a few issues, namely clogged drains, low amounts of refrigerant, or a faulty condensation pump. As such, it can be useful to inspect each component and replace or repair parts as necessary.


By following typical maintenance procedures and practices, one can better ensure the operability and efficiency of their HVAC unit. If you find yourself in need of spare filters, pump components, refrigeration parts, and more, let the experts at Internet of Industrials help you secure everything you require with competitive pricing and rapid lead-times. With our RFQ service, you can request quotes on items for your comparisons with ease as responses will be given in just 15 minutes or less. Get started today and see why customers choose to steadily rely on Internet of Industrials for all their part sourcing.


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