What are the Most Common Problems With an HVAC System?

HVAC systems play a critical role in the comfort and safety of households all over the world. Unfortunately, it is easy to overlook such a vital system until an issue arises that interferes with its proper functioning. A malfunctioning HVAC unit is more than just a hassle; it could quickly become a safety hazard, particularly for the elderly or other at-risk groups. While the final diagnosis and maintenance of an HVAC system should be performed by a licensed HVAC technician, this blog will discuss some of the most common issues that a residential system is likely to experience.

Thermostats are the programmable control centers of the HVAC system. These devices monitor and automatically adjust the household's temperature to the desired level. While they are usually one of the most reliable components in an HVAC system, a failed thermostat can lead to immediate and noticeable problems. An innocuous cause of thermostat failure is an unintended heat source acting on the device, giving it a false temperature reading. For example, if a thermostat is exposed to direct sunlight near a door or window, it will falsely register that the temperature is much higher. The following most common cause of thermostat problems is a dirty device. Inevitably over time, the thermostat will accumulate dirt and dust which must be cleaned occasionally to maintain accurate temperature readings. Finally, if a thermostat needs to be recalibrated, the temperature in different rooms in the house will differ, or the system will turn on and off rapidly.

The filter of an air conditioning unit works to keep dust and debris out of the system. However, as the filter gets dirtier over time, the efficiency and reliability of the air conditioning system will decline. Usually, the first sign of a dirty filter will be an increase in the electric bill as the unit must work harder to maintain a proper temperature. Additionally, a dirty filter will allow dust and debris into the AC unit's ducts and redistribute them throughout the home. This decrease in air quality will be especially noticeable to those that suffer from asthma or allergies. Lastly, if a dirty filter is not recognized and replaced promptly, the entire HVAC system will fail. Over time, the extra strain on the unit will cause the fan motor to burn out, causing the whole system to overheat.

The next cause for concern is unusual furnace noises. While furnaces generate some sound as part of routine operation, they are commonly designed with noise-reducing features and should never be excessively loud. Nevertheless, common noises that should always warrant an inspection include scraping, screeching, banging, and popping. These specific sounds are very noticeable and could indicate serious issues like loose or broken components that should be replaced immediately.

While harder to appreciate than other problems, faulty wiring can cause costly repairs if not readily addressed. Most air conditioner units will have an indoor and outdoor electrical system, each with its own set of electrical wires. If either group of wires appears to be frayed or otherwise exposed to the elements, they should be replaced immediately. Furthermore, faulty wiring will also cause intermittent operation in which the outdoor fan will stop shortly after reaching its peak speed. Finally, damaged wiring will cause frequent trips in the circuit breaker. Any of these signs should be of great concern and addressed by a repair technician as soon as possible.

Regardless of the identified HVAC problem, reaching out to a locally licensed HVAC technician is always advised. These specialists are well versed in the various issues that arise in an HVAC system and their remedies. When it comes to sourcing new or replacement parts for your HVAC system, Internet of Industrials has you covered. With an expansive inventory of billions of new and obsolete aerospace, NSN, and electrical components, we are confident that we can help customers find the exact parts they require. In addition, we are available 24/7x365 to answer any questions and provide you with a quick and competitive quote. Please browse our catalog today, and don't hesitate to reach out to our team with any questions.


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