What Are HVAC Systems and Their Common Components?

An HVAC system is one that can provide heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, hence the naming of such equipment. Present in countless residential and commercial buildings, as well as various vehicles, HVAC systems ensure the proper heating and cooling of spaces for optimal comfort. Beyond temperature control, HVAC systems are also tasked with ventilation, thus they remove moisture, odors, dust, bacteria, smoke, and other undesirable elements from a space so that air is always fresh. In order to understand how HVAC systems work for proper use and maintenance, it can be useful to be aware of the common components that make them up.

While there are many varying components that are assembled within HVAC systems, the most common and important parts include the air return, air filter, exhaust outlets, ducts, blower, outdoor unit, compressor, coils, and electrical elements. For the ventilation process, the air return serves as the section of the system that begins the cycle. With the air return, air is sucked into the component where it is forced through a filter, and then it is passed into the main system for treatment. The filter is heavily responsible for impeding the flow of bacteria and general contaminates, and it is very important that such components are regularly changed and cleaned to ensure healthy and fresh air. As the filter serves as the second part of the air return section, the air return should also regularly be cleaned to remove any buildup of dust or debris.

While inlets ensure that air is captured for use, exhaust outlets are also important for the expulsion of unneeded gases or heat. As the heating system warms up air for increasing the temperature of a space, exhaust is a byproduct that must be removed. Often, a chimney flue or vent stack will be used to remove exhaust, and such sections should be checked on an annual basis. Ducts are also responsible for moving any cold and hot air around the system, and all ductwork requires regular cleaning every two to five years. To ensure that warm air can move through the main section of the unit, a blower is used to draw air.

When many visually think of an HVAC system, they are often picturing the larger outdoor unit. Within this assembly, a fan is present and functions to maintain airflow. As such units are often located outside of a building in the presence of plants or other objects, one should make sure to always provide sufficient clearances so that vegetation or other objects are not accidentally sucked into the unit. The compressor is a part of the outdoor unit, and it serves to transform refrigerant gases into a liquid state that can be used to cool air within the coils. The coil is also a section of the outdoor unit, and it helps cool passing air with the use of refrigerants. In some cases of HVAC system failure, the coils or refrigerants equipment may be at fault and should be checked for freezing.

Lastly, electrical elements are charged with powering all system components for proper functionality. If there is an issue with the system and it is non-functional, one should always start with the electronic components. Generally, tripped breakers or dead thermostat batteries are the most common electrical issues faced by HVAC systems.

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